All about the Villangam Certificate

All about the Villangam Certificate

The real estate market is booming, especially since the Pandemic as the need to own a home, possess an asset as an investment for the future is valued more than ever. Many emerging micro markets in Chennai City offer futuristic homes encouraging young and aspiring investors to invest in property. Especially the apartments in Siruseri and along the other emerging localities in OMR are attracting young property enthusiasts. For all the first time home buyers it is very important to carefully validate all the property documents and ascertain that the property transaction is completely legal and devoid of any violations. One such important document to be validated in this process is the Villangam certificate.

What is a Vilangam Certificate?

Vilangam Certificate

The Encumbrance Certificate, locally called the Villangam certificate, is a document that stands as the proof of possession of a property. This important document contains all the details of the transactions related to the property in a specified period, and it is mandatory to check it before any property transaction, be it buying, selling, or applying for a home loan.

Let us understand the uses of this certificate

  • EC Villangam certificate is an important certificate used during property transactions as a proof of legal title/ownership.
  • While applying for a home loan against property the financial institution checks the Villangam certificate to ascertain the authentic ownership of the property.
  • Knowledge about all the registered transactions related to a property in a specific frame of time can be acquired through this certificate.

How to Obtain Villangam EC Online

It can be obtained Online from the official website of the Tamil Nadu government’s registration department (TNREGINET). Just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website – and register by providing all the required information like PAN card, Driving license,etc. There is an option to select English as the language for convenience.
  • Once you have logged in, select the option for EC in the Home Page and choose to apply for the certificate
  • You will have to provide the necessary information such as the district, zone and other survey details in a form as given below.

Villangam EC Online

  • Proceed to make the Online payment. Post the payment, fill in your bank reference number and details of the transaction.
  • After approval, the certificate will be generated as a QR code and an SMS notifying about the same would be received.
  • It takes about 2-3 working days for the certificate to be processed and the status of the request can be checked online.

How to apply for TN Villangam Certificate Offline?

  • Get the list of required documents ready and attested, this includes address proof, property details, title document, etc.
  • Visit the sub-registrar office, get the required application form for EC, fill it and submit it along with all the supporting documents.
  • The authorities at the office will verify the documents and confirm the authenticity and legality of the supporting documents.
  • Once all the details are verified and there is no violation a Nil Encumbrance certificate is issued else a certificate containing all the transactions is issued.
  • After the issue of a Nil Encumbrance certificate it takes about 15-20 days to get the Villangam EC Certificate.