Escape and Explore: Top Tourist & Weekend Destinations for Siruseri Residents

Top Tourist & Weekend Destinations for Siruseri Residents - Flats for Sale in Siruseri

In today’s busy world our lives are full of stress, deadlines, reviews, targets, and whatnot! Amidst this mash rush it is very important to escape and enjoy the small pleasures of life, like a weekend stay at a good resort, an exciting day at an amusement park, an enjoyable meal at a fine-dining restaurant, or a comforting visit to the beach. Whatever be the preference, the residents of the apartments in Siruseri and its neighborhood have umpteen choices for relaxation and fun located close by, here are some of the top picks – 

Muttukadu lake

Muttukadu Boat House - Luxury Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

This backwater lake that  originates from the Bay of Bengal is one of the top tourist spots in the city. Perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience it lets you explore the meandering water in beautiful furnished boathouses and motorboats, rowboats, kids pedal boats and water scooters. With focused efforts by Tamil Nadu tourism development corporation this place has been transformed into one of the most preferred locations for a weekend getaway with good restaurants and other amenities. 


DakshinaChitra - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

The word “DakshinaChitra” means “a picture of the south”, and true to its name this heritage village and culture center in OMR offers a comprehensive view of the lifestyle of South Indians through its various exhibits that depict the art, architecture, dwellings, music and dance of the glorious south. This museum managed by the Madras craft foundation is the perfect place for the children to get the first-hand experience of the glorious past of southern India and learn about the evolution of it to the modern times. 

Pristine beaches 

ECR beaches - Gated Community Apartments in Siruseri

In our everyday lives full of noise, commotion and a mad rush one thing that we all cherish is sight and the sound of the calming waves of the water body and what more way to enjoy it other than a visit to the pristine beaches along ECR, easily reachable from Siruseri.  With many beautiful resorts along the ECR like the fisherman’s cove, Kovalam resort, Radisson Blu, MGM beach resort, Malla beach resort having their own private beach, well-maintained and offering a very beautiful ambience to experience the clean blue waters, a weekend getaway with family and friends should be in the cards. 

Entertainment & Amusement parks

Theme Park - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

To say that the OMR is flooded with avenues for entertainment and fun would not be an overstatement.  Right from the tiny tots at home to the senior citizens, everyone would have something interesting in the theme parks like MGM Dizzee world,  VGP Universal kingdom, filled with fun rides, good food and a lively environment ideal for entertainment. 

For the lucky residents of the beautiful apartments in Siruseri and its neighborhood, planning an exciting evening with family and friends is a no-brainer, they have an abundant choice of amusement parks to choose from. As there are many star resorts located close to these theme parks, planning a weekend stay in those luxury resorts and enjoying a relaxed visit to the amusement parks would be a lot more fun. 


Mahabalipuram - Flats in Siruseri

The top destination for every tourist and history buff who visits the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu rich in culture and heritage. This town located just 30 mins from Siruseri has wonderful treasures of art and architecture belonging to the ancient Pallava period that have transcended time to tell tales of our glorious past. The famous attractions include the Shore Temple, the Pancha Ratha, Arjuna’s Penance, Varaha Cave Temple, both of which are UNESCO world heritage sites, and much more.

A must visit place for the children to get a first hand experience of the great art and architecture of our country. Since there are many lovely works of art, sculpture, ancient construction science to visit and admire in Mamallapuram it will be wise to stay in any of the beautiful resorts located close to this place and plan a 2 day visit with family and friends. 

For every kind of individual, be the fun and adventurous one or the quiet and introvert type, there are ideal avenues of entertainment close to the beautiful  locality of Siruseri.  For the residents of the beautiful apartments in Siruseri their ideal getaway is just around the corner!