For Quality Education in Proximity, OMR is the Place to Be!

Quality Education in OMR - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Living in a locality where your kids can enjoy quality education in close proximity is truly a blessing. Imagine! What a great relief it would be if long hours of commute to school for your tiny tot is replaced with a quick and breezy commute where they can leave home after a filing breakfast and be back home within half an hour of school dispersal. Rushing to school with their eyes barely open, their stomach empty and their mind still sleepy, this is the usual scenario where the school bus comes in the wee hours of the morning and literally bundles up your children, wherein they go unprepared and do not enjoy a productive day at school. However, if the Child could enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh and rejuvenated, enjoy a filling breakfast and then pack their stuff with no hurry and leave for school and be there on time with a small commute, they would make the best opportunities the school has to offer them that day.

If commuting to a school far away is a scary scenario, commuting to college, mostly reputed engineering colleges in the city, is nothing less than an excruciating trip that takes many hours along a testing traffic-prone route. Imagine boarding the bus to college right at dawn and being back at home just home for the dinner, how much time, energy and spirit would be left with the student to do some extra work related to academics or their other passion like music, dance, etc. What seems to be the most practical solution to this is to Reside along the Old Mahabalipuram Road in one of the beautiful Gated Community apartments in thriving localities like Siruseri where quality education is available in Close Proximity.

There are numerous Reputed Schools along OMR which offer CBSE, ICSE, and matriculation board of education with the latest curriculum and a very holistic approach to Child’s growth and development. The famous engineering colleges along the OMR are the first choice of every student looking for futuristic education, exposure to latest technologies, and on-campus placement that guarantees them Job on course completion. Staying in apartments in OMR places one close to these world of opportunities and also encourages the students to make use of every opportunity available to them at the institution without the fear of missing the bus, in all literal sense.

The modern and trendy flats for sale in Siruseri and its neighbourhood in OMR incorporate many contemporary lifestyle amenities to offer the children of the community a great environment to Play, Grow and enjoy a socially connected Childhood. With many facilities like Swimming pool, indoor and outdoor game courts, beautiful green lawns & parks with designated Play areas, and even trendsetting Skill-development centres for kids that offer coaching in academics and extracurricular activities, these futuristic apartments in OMR are the right place where Children can enjoy a Wonderful Childhood enjoying quality education in close quarters.

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