Indulge in Work and Leisure at Apartments with Co-working spaces

Co-working space - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

The pandemic blues are a thing of the past. We are up again with vigor focusing on work and home, and back to what we do the best, trying to strike the perfect balance between these two. However the situation at work has changed in the new normal, organizations are not particular about employees travelling to office every day, most of the companies provide the flexible hybrid mode of work where the employees need to be physically at the office for few days of the week and the rest of the days they can connect and work from home. 

As every coin has two faces, this arrangement comes with its merits and flaws. When employees work from home, they do not have to endure the cumbersome long and tiring commute to work, they have more time and energy to meet their professional and personal commitments. However, they face the difficult situation of focusing on work with the disturbances and distractions that exist at home, for a house unlike an office is not  a professional establishment for working.

One cannot escape the noises that are an integral part of everyday living, right from the courier guy ringing the doorbell, the maid cleaning the utensils or the kids using the gadgets.  What could be the perfect solution to this situation? Modern and thoughtfully designed new-gen apartments in thriving locations of the city like Siruseri, Padur and other emerging realty hubs along the OMR, seem to have found the perfect solution, “The co-working spaces within the community”

What are co-working spaces?

What are co-working spaces? - Flats for Sale in Siruseri

As the name suggests this is a space where people work alongside each other, they may belong to any industry and any organization, they use the facility and the supporting infrastructure to connect to work remotely and accomplish their professional commitments. The working space is built with the design to offer facilities like working cubicles, workstation spaces, conference room, and other physical infrastructure like working desks, ergonomic furniture, and other prerequisites like high speed broadband connectivity for the individuals to carry out their professional activities with ease and efficiency.

Why are co-working spaces the need of the hour?

co-working spaces the need of the hour - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

The new normal is here and hybrid work culture has become the norm, employees of IT and ITeS industries need not commute to work every single day, they are offered the option to connect remotely from home and work. On the other hand the metro expansion work that is currently underway would take at least another 5 years for completion. So, considering the traffic woes, the diversions and the state of the roads in the city, it is better to connect and work from home, definitely when the option is handed out by the organization.

However, does our home provide the required professional ambience and infrastructure so that we can focus on the work at home? The answer is an obvious no, and here come the co-working spaces as the savior. These dedicated spaces provide an office like environment, good facilities and all the requirements that help people focus on their work and carry out their professional commitments with focus.   

However this facility comes with its associated cost, one normally has to pay advance of a few months and monthly rental to get designated individual space in such co-working spaces, a price one has to pay to avoid the troublesome and tiring travel to work. So, the option to rent out a co-working space close to home is definitely better than travelling to the office that is far away. However, if such a facility is available within the safe confines of your premium gated community apartment, nothing can beat that!

Welcome to co-working space in the community!

co-working space in the community! - Premium Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

New-age premium gated community apartments in emerging hotspots like Siruseri in the IT corridor OMR are equipped with this amazing feature of co-working spaces available at right in the safe confines of the community – The plush co-working spaces in the clubhouse, the green and rejuvenating co-working spaces in the park and the scenic rooftop co-working spaces under the boundless sky.

Co-working spaces in the club house   

Co-working spaces in the club house - Flats for Sale in Siruseri

The sprawling club house in the trendy flats in Siruseri have dedicated luxury co-working spaces with an appealing ambience, perfect infrastructure, and comfort that ensure a very productive day at work. An environment similar to that of the office but more comfortable and as per your liking, the perfect place to achieve professional success.

Co-working spaces in the park 

Co-working spaces in the park - Luxury Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Indisputably the best alternative to working within the four concrete walls of any enclosed working space. Dedicated working spaces in lush green parks replete with nature’s beauty helps one stay close to nature and enjoy a rejuvenating day at work. A very different and novel way to remote working.

Co-working spaces on the rooftop

Co-working spaces on the rooftop - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Trendsetting features like rooftop -spaces make  the new-gen apartments in Siruseri a hot favorite amongst the next-gen home buyers. Working under the open sky enjoying the scenic sight of the city beneath and a panoramic view of the blue sky takes away the stress factor from work and brings in more energy, creativity and zeal into it.  

Working in an environment that offers the perfect infrastructure, amenities, ambience along with  zero disturbances and a motivation that comes with breaking a mundane routine, all these are the perks that these co-working spaces have to offer. The new normal is here and hybrid work culture is here to stay, so, think outside the box, embrace new-gen living. 

What are you waiting for! Checkout the trendy homes in Siruseri that offer this thoughtful amenity, add the elements of comfort and luxury to work and achieve the professional success you always dreamt of!