Personalized Décor: Adding aesthetic touch to Your Bedroom

Personalized Décor: Adding aesthetic touch to Your Bedroom - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

A personal space where you can be yourself, and right from dressing up for the party to reading a book to resorting to a good night’s sleep and relaxing, we perform a world of activities in our bedroom.  Deck up this personal space to reflect your personality and your unique style, here are some tips to aesthetically design your bedroom.  

Sans clutter and savor the ambience 

Clean and tidy Bedroom - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Beauty starts with cleanliness and tidiness, a place well-kept and maintained clutter free is beautiful in itself. Your bedroom is a place where you seek peace and relaxation, so keep it clutter free and choose minimalistic furniture that is functional and not over the board. A cozy reading corner with appropriate accessories for reading and working, a comfortable bed with the red type of mattress and storage provisions to add more value, side tables where you can store the essentials, a dresser with mirror, many space saving options for this including wardrobes with mirror on the doors, a wall-mounted full size mirror exits, all these are the basic furniture for your bedroom.  When your bedroom is well-organized with ample space for movement the ambience would give you more comfort and  peace . 

Colours for the calming effect

Colours for the calming effect - Premium Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Your bedroom is the place you seek to shrug off the worries and stress of the day and enjoy a me time and also a happy family time. Let the colours on the walls aid in this, and there are umpteen choices to help you. You can go for neutral colours, they are safe and classic ones, can always be trusted and you would seldom go wrong with them. Ivory, gray, white are just a few suggestions. You can choose bright wall art work, bedding, curtains and rugs to complement this colour choice. 

Pastel colours are in vogue, soft blues, mild and mellowed greens, light yellows, have a very soothing and comforting effect on the mind. You can always choose an accent wall to paint in a bright and contrast colour leaving the other walls mild and create a very captivating ambience. If the change has to be quick and less cumbersome you can choose wall papers, transforming your bedroom will happen in  a few hours and you have plenty of options to choose from.

Right lighting is the key

Bedroom Lighting - Flats for Sale in Siruseri

The right lighting does wonders to your bedroom. You can go for multiple layers of the lighting and choose the apt one based on the purpose. A main source of light, preferably an LED tube can be used, accent lighting through standard lamps, floor lamps,  low voltage LED lights and recessed lamps can be used. Accent lighting along the bedside which can be accessed from the bed will avoid unnecessary movement in dark to control the lighting. You should choose appropriate task lighting for your dresser or vanity, and string lights along the wall art pieces or hung along the curtains will give a very attractive appeal.

Create your cozy reading corner

cozy reading corner - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

A book is a person’s best friend, so have a dedicated corner to stack these buddies and create a cozy reading corner in your bedroom with the appropriate furniture and ambient lighting. It need not be an expansive area of the room, even a swing chair with the right light provisions for reading is your personal reading space in the room. A simple table and comfortable seating beside the window where you can gaze out with the book in hand and a mug of coffee is just what you need after a tiring day at work. These simple additions to your bedroom will do wonders over time in relaxing you. You can opt for wall storage cabinets to conserve space and make books easily accessible. 

Say yes to the green buddies 

Green potted plants - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Green potted plants in the bedroom are not just ornamental but also help purify the air inside your home. It is surprising to know that suspended particulate matter inside the house is very high, at times air pollution level inside the house is more than outside. So bring in green potted plants that are easy to maintain and help increasing the oxygen levels at home. Keeping plants inside the room creates a positive atmosphere and relieves stress. They are easy to maintain and attractive, potted plants like pothos, rubber trees and aromatic plants like lavender, paperwhites make your room appealing and fragrant. You can place these potted plants on a high shelf in your bedroom.  Let the shelf be at a visible distance from your bed, offering you a calming view of the green friends. 

These simple, practical and very cost effective tips will go a long way in defining your bedroom to reflect your taste. Your bedroom is your safe haven and a little care and effort in doing its interior will ensure you more comfort and happiness.

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