The Upsides of residing near your Workplace

Residing near your Workplace - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Research data released by MoveInSync, world’s largest employee commute platform, specified that on an average Indians spend more than 2 hrs on road commuting to work. This is just an average figure and employees commuting to work in Chennai would definitely agree that the commute time increases drastically on many days owing to the metro work and diversion. Recent research data indicates that Chennai has witnessed the highest increase of travel time to work, almost 30%.

Data also indicates that “Work from office” and hybrid mode of work is also catching up with both employers and employees preferring to work from office for more productive use of time. This increasing trend will only clog our roads during the peak working hours. 

What can one do to help oneself in such a situation?
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Each of us know the value of time, for one cannot regain even a minute of time we have lost. Something so precious, has to be given its due and spending about 2-3 hours every day on commute to work is simply a waste of the precious time. Residing close to the workplace is definitely a good option, especially when the place has the perfect infrastructure for comfortable living, like the IT-corridor, OMR. Apartments in Siruseri and its neigbhourhood offer the perfect solution to the woes of commuting for all the lacs of IT and ITeS professionals, helping them avoid the tiring work commute and offering them a multitude of benefits.

Save time, effort and money 

Save time, effort and money - Premium Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Staying close to work not only saves the time spent on commuting but also saves energy and the cost involved. The grueling 2 hours of commute to work drains one of energy and a person who left home with many plans and preparations for a productive day at work reaches office with less energy and a bad mood, long travels decrease productivity at work. Not to forget the big fuel bills that these travels produce. The prices of petrol, diesel and also CNG are soaring high and reaching the sky. On an average a person spends around 20k to 30k for petrol while traveling by car to work, add another 25k if a driver is employed. So, a major chunk of the salary goes towards commuting expenses, and all this is saved when one chooses to live close to the place of work.

Better health 

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With professional and personal commitments consuming a major chunk of our time, the one important factor that gets ignored is mostly our health. We seldom find the time and the motivation to go for regular walks, work-out in the gym or indulge in any sport like badminton, tennis, etc. This affects our physical health and we end up with lifestyle issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and much more.

It is a very scary fact that the instances of people in their early 30s and 40s experiencing cardiac arrest has gone up, a recent study found that one in every five-heart attack patient is under the age of 40. What is the reason for this sudden situation? Doctors say that a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise has contributed to this. So, an active lifestyle which includes exercises and a balanced diet is absolutely essential to avoid this situation. But where would one find time for this if about 3 hours in a day would be spent on the road.

Staying close to work helps save this precious time which can be used to include regular walks, sports activities, and cook a healthy meal, in the everyday routine. Living in a premium gated community in OMR, close to the place of work, equipped with amenities such as walking trail, fully equipped gym and other facilities for sports like tennis and badminton court, provides an environment wherein one can adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Good work-life balance

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Missing out the monthly PTA meetings at school due to work, being unavailable to enjoy the kids achievements in academics and sports due to professional commitments, these things rob us of the little things in life that give us big joy. Along with professional success, being able to spend quality time with family is absolutely essential for the perfect work-life balance, and residing in a community that is located close to the place of work helps us achieve this. If the workplace is just a few minutes away from home, one need not worry about missing the important events and happenings in the lives of the children. Doing away with the painful commute to work saves time and energy which can be well spent with family.

Good social life 

Good social life - 2BHK Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

How often do we feel better after letting out the work place stress and personal issues to our friends? Almost at every instance we do it, we get stress relief.  Just as regular physical activities are essential for physical health, enjoying a good social life is essential for mental health. Isolating oneself to just work related commitments and not finding time for friends is often a cause of depression in young people.  

A recent study by UNICEF reports that one out of seven young people in India suffers from depression. A mad race for academic excellence, professional achievements added with little or no outlet to the growing anxiety and turbulence inside us leads to depression and anxiety issues, and an ideal solution would be to have a good circle of friends with whom one can connect to let out these emotions. Staying close to the workplace provides the flexibility to catch up with friends and enjoy a socially connected life which helps one manage the emotional turbulence in life. Time is a rare commodity, it is too precious to be wasted in the long painful commute to work. Staying close to the place of work helps one save time, effort and also evade the travel expense, the benefits are too profound to be ignored. 

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