Top 10 Schools in Siruseri for Your Kids’ Better Future

Top 10 Schools in OMR

Nowadays, parents don’t want to compromise their children’s education and are ready to do anything to provide them with the best teaching and learning experience. With so many communities and societies developing around, parents can pick an ideal apartment, flat, or house close to schools. Ideally, a school should be within a 3-8 km radius of your home, considering the area’s traffic.  

The region offers some of the best communities for IT professionals and working parents who want to maintain a balance between their livelihood and their kids’ education. The selection of a good school empowers your child with opportunities to become a successful individual. It helps them get better-pad jobs, become civilized citizens and shape a better society to live in.  

Choosing a community that lies in close proximity to some of the best schools will shape your kid’s future more robustly. Take a look at the top 10 schools in Siruseri:

  1. Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education: Setup in 2016, Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education is an international school spread over a 10-acre campus with top-notch facilities situated in the plush green city of Chennai. Parents can choose day boarding, week boarding, and residential facilities for their kids. With just a twenty-minute route from Siruseri, residents can easily avail of the best educational opportunities for their kids here.
  2. HLC International School: Established in 1995, HCL International was started as a primary school, but today it offers education to higher secondary students. The co-education school offers the best academics to kids. 
  3. Velammal Vidyashram: Founded in 2000 by the Velammal Educational Trust, the co-educational school is affiliated with CBSE Board. The school is located 10 km from Siruseri, which is a suitable option for the residents.
  4. Amethyst International School: Established in 2017, Amethyst International is affiliated with CBSE and IGCSE. The school is known for its progressive and holistic education, focusing on the overall development of a student. 
  5. Gateway International School: The school aims to offer its students a safe, nourishing, and supportive learning environment focusing on their overall development. It provides the best to maximize their global competence. An ideal option for parents looking ahead to school for their kids, the Gateway International school is just 7 km from Siruseri.
  6. Hiranandani Upscale School: The school offers a stimulating and inspiring environment to kids to help them accomplish their highest potential. If you have bought an apartment for sale near Siruseri, you can easily reach the school, thereby eliminating the hassle of commuting. Families living in Siruseri can easily reach the school and use their saved time for productive things.
  7. Sushil Hari International Residential School: Founded by the Shree Ramarajya Trust, the school is spread over 12 acres and offers the students the best growth opportunities. Transportation is convenient and straightforward.
  8. Gateway the Complete School: Situated close to Sholinganallur in Chennai, the school is close to Siruseri. If you are a resident of Siruseri, an easy transportation facility makes the school accessible. You can easily commute without experiencing heavy traffic.
  9. The PSBB Millennium School: The school has an outstanding academic record and develops competent students excelling in the global arena. The transportation facilities make the school easily accessible to those who are residing in Siruseri.
  10. Maharishi Vidya Mandir: Established in 1983, the school has earned a good reputation in education. Located in Malandam, the school aims to develop the student’s minds and increase their awareness in all branches of learning processes. So, if you’re looking for a good school near Siruseri, this is an ideal option.

Of course, you have some of the best schools in Siruseri, offering the highest standard of education. If you’re planning to buy flats for sale near Siruseri, it will be an excellent decision for you and your child, who can avail of some of the best educational opportunities.