Vaastu Sashtra for your House, for wellness and Prosperity

Apartments in Siruseri - Vaastu Shastra

A life of happiness, prosperity and well-being in your home is not just your dream but your right too, and Vaastu Sashtra offers a set of guidelines for the same. Vaastu Saashtra is a science that combines the elements of art, architecture, astronomy and astrology to give a set of guidelines to be followed in construction and decor of the house to attract positive energy to the house. For this reason many leading real estate developers construct homes in accordance with Vaastu Sashtra, like the trendy apartments in OMR built taking cues from this ancient science. 

From the many New Gen flats for sale in OMR choose your home with Vaastu Compliance and enjoy a lifetime of wellness and prosperity. While decking up your dream home you can also benefit from the simple tips provided by Vaastu Sashtra to promote harmony with the natural forces and thereby enjoy happy living.  

Kuber Yantra for Prosperity – Indian mythology considers Lord Kuber the deity of wealth & prosperity. The north-east direction is governed by Lord Kuber, hence placing a mirror and a Kuber Yantra in the north-east corner of your home attracts prosperity and good energy. Keep the north-east corner of the home free of clutter and remove all obstructions that could attract negative energy, let it remain spacious for good energy to flow.

Place valuables in the Earth Corner – The south-west corner of the house is the Earth corner. Keep your jewellery, money and important financial documents in the south-west. These valuables can be placed in a cupboard in the south-west direction of the house, for things kept in this direction of the house are believed to multiply.

Keep home clutter free – It is true that Cleanliness  is next to Godliness. Sure, a house that is clean and tidy attracts positivity. So, keep your home clean, neat, free of clutter and discard unnecessary household goods and décor. The energy flowing through the house is responsible for your prosperity and well being. Keep your windows and doors clean, and your storage spaces and cupboards neatly organized. Keep your house main door clean, neat and beautiful looking. 

Attract the Aqua Energy – Place Water fountains & small aquariums in the north-east direction of the house, maintain it clean and prevent stagnation of water. Placing small water objects within the house in the north east section is considered to be very auspicious and will attract positive energy.

Things to Avoid –Do not place pictures or idols that portray a sad scene like a crying baby, a withering tree, a caged bird, a violent scene, or anything similar. Remove broken glass objects from the house and fix all kinds of water leakages for a draining tap symbolises draining finances.

Follow these simple tips at home and enjoy a lifetime of happiness with your near and dear ones in your dream home.