What to look for before investing in a gated community apartment

What to look for before investing in a gated community apartment - Premium Gated Community Apartments in Siruseri

Excited about buying your premium gated community apartment, the home of your dreams? It is obvious that you would have made the selection after a lot of due diligence and carefully evaluating the merits of the project. Amongst the many factors you evaluate and ascertain before making the big move, always remember to check these to ensure that you make the deel of your life – 

Clear documentation

Clear Documentation - Flats for Sale in Siruseri

The UDS plays a significant role when you purchase a flat in a large project or residential complex. The UDS  or the undivided share as the name may suggest is the portion of the land that belongs to the owner of the flat, a part from the entire land on which the project is built. Every flat constructed on that entire land of the project would have a share of the land and this should be clearly specified by the property developer and mentioned in the document.

Designated parking lot

Designated Parking lot - Luxury Apartments in Siruseri

Gated community apartments have at least a few tens of houses and each household has at least one vehicle, and in many cases each resident of the household has a vehicle. So, parking is always a concern. Hence, before you make the final selection of your gated community apartment make sure that the developer offers designated parking slots to the residents. These parking space details should be mentioned in the sale deed and clear marking of the physical parking space should also be made.

Safety measures 

Safety Measures - Apartments for Sale in Siruseri

Adequate lighting in parking area, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler system in every house, stairways and fire exits in case of emergencies, all these are mandatory in high rise gated community apartments to ensure the safety of the residents.  Check if they have security personnel at the gate, strict visitor scanning, authorization/approval for entry of visitors, service providers, etc.

Water supply  

Water Supply - Gated Community Apartment in Siruseri

Usually big residential complexes will have multiple bores to supply water to the residents. Apart from this metro water connections to supply drinking water. Ensure that there are adequate bores and the water resources are adequate to address the requirements of the many residents. In places where the groundwater is hard, in house plants for water purification are also installed by the developer. This will ensure better quality of water to the residents and the water after purification can be recycled for watering plants in the community and restroom usage.

Amenities for all age groups 

Amenities for all age groups - Siruseri Apartments

One of the main reasons for your selection of a house in a gated community is the availability of premium amenities. walking trail, gym, fitness center, amphitheater, indoor/outdoor game courts, senior citizen hang out area, game zone for kids, co-working spaces for WFH arrangement, are amongst the many modern amenities that New-gen gated community apartments in thriving places like Siruseri have to offer. Ensure these amenities are planned and provided as specified in the Design and layout provided by the developer. Also ensure the safety measures in these amenities, like a lifeguard availability in pool, a trainer in gym, etc. These will ensure the optimal usage of these amenities.

Gated community flats for sale in emerging markets like Siruseri have many takers. With trendy layout design, many lifestyle amenities and a very competitive price, these New-gen homes offer a world of benefits to the buyers.

Remember to check the above mentioned pointers to ensure that your investment in your dream gated community home is the right choice for happy living and a safe investment for the future.