Why is a gated community better for you and your family?

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Nisha was happily packing her bags and was all ready to dash out of the school. She was very excited about the play time she would be enjoying with her friends in her apartment, however her friend Divya had a long face as she exited the school campus. interacting with kids of her age was possible only at school, back at home she just had Gadgets for company. 

This is not just a random scenario, but the story of every other household, for kids living in independent houses are mostly restricted within the walls of the home. On the contrary, residents of a Gated community apartment, be it the tiny tots of the family, the teenagers or the Senior citizens, enjoy the company of people their age and live a socially connected life. Apart from this important factor living in Gated Community Apartments offer many other advantages, here are few of them – 

Better Safety & Security – 

To ensure the safety of the residents Modern Gated community apartments in thriving parts of the city like the apartments in OMR are equipped with efficient and fool-proof security measures like 24*7 security guards at the gates, Visitor management system, video surveillance system with authorised entry, registration and approval system for domestic helpers, drivers, cooks, etc. As most of the household have both the partners working these arrangements assume great importance. With these strict measures there is better safety in the community, the kids and senior citizens at home can enjoy a relaxed peaceful living with no concerns of their safety.

Amenities for Better Living – Prominent gated community apartments like the flats for sale in OMR are equipped with  a plethora of amenities for better living. Spacious World-Class Clubhouses with party halls, indoor games, spas, etc., very neatly maintained swimming pools, Outdoor Game courts to enjoy games with friends, departmental stores to cater to the day-to-day household needs, and much more, all these facilities are available in the safe confines of the community. In Present times both the young and the old desire to enjoy the pleasures of life and make every moment count, living in amenity full gated community apartments offers them the right environment to enjoy resort-style living each day of their life.

Socially Connected Living –After the Pandemic everyone has woken up to the importance of living a socially connected life and desire to do more after the months of confinement to the walls of the house. Meeting neighbours, enjoying a relaxing stroll with a friend, unwinding in the company of friends at a cafe, sweating it out with buddies in the gym or enjoying a brisk game of shuttle with them, all these activities not just energise the body keep it agile and active but are much needed for the mental balance, to keep the mind happy and positive. 

A very socially connected living enjoying the different amenities with friends, hosting parties, playing in the parks or enjoying games in the gaming zone and outdoor courts, participating and hosting cultural events on special occasions, screening a movie in the amphitheatre, all these free the residents from the clutches of gadgets and social media and facilitate a physically active and mentally happy living. 

Easy Maintenance – Though buying a house may be a one time event, maintaining the house is everyday’s affair. Right from fixing a leaking tap to changing the old tubelight/bulb to the very basic requirement of garbage disposal everyday, each activity needs to be attended to ensure smooth functioning of the house. In premium Gated communities like the apartments in OMR which offer end-to-end maintenance all these activities are handled by special maintenance staff. There are able plumbers, electricians and maintenance staff in the apartment complex available 24*7 who attend to the requirements of the residents quickly and efficiently, all it takes is just a call to log a maintenance request and things are handled smoothly and quickly. With both the partners at home working in most of the households such arrangements saves them a lot of effort, time and money. 

Better Contingency Management – Efficient Contingency Management is very vital for peaceful living. Be it a sudden medical emergency for the senior citizens at home, or a sudden fire accident at home, quick and efficient response is required in all such scenarios. Gated community apartments are better equipped to handle such situations as there would be an internal system like a community app that connects the residents, and doctors, nurses and medical practitioners who reside in the community would be informed of the emergency and they render first-aid and other assistance.  Emergency aids like fire extinguishers are also made available in every floor of these high-rise apartments for better safety. With a good contingency plan in place, living in Gated Community apartments is more reassuring. 

With better safety measures for the residents, ample amenities for happy living and a better contingency management system in place, Gated Community apartments offer the right environment for  a life of happiness, comfort and peace.